Non-Destructive Excavation

Safer, faster & easier with Underground Industries

Non-destructive digging, also known as non-destructive excavation, hydro excavation, and potholing, makes use of a high-pressure water lance to safely excavate soil, dirt, and sand that is found around underground utilities. It can be used to perform work safely even for sensitive installations.This kind of vacuum excavator can be used for removing small particles as well as heavy debris. Thanks to that it is widely used for new service installations, pipe and fitting replacements, exploratory excavations, and clearing contaminated debris from work-sites and public spaces.

We will be there to safely remove objects and materials which can seriously damage existing infrastructure such as subsurface telephone, electricity, or gas installations. Not only is this a safer way to work in the presence of underground utilities, but vacuum excavation is also much faster and cleaner method.

We have extensive experience in performing non-destructive digging around various pieces of critical infrastructure, including water pipes, sewer pipes, power cables, gas lines, telecommunication cable, and sewer lines. Our team also has experience in working safely around other objects such as tree roots, buried concrete, and bricks.

Our non-destructive digging  is quicker and safer than excavation and manual digging. Repairing the ground is much easier than if mechanical excavation was used. It eliminates damage to underground infrastructure and reduces hazards and risks of injuries. The excavation work can be completed much faster, which helps reduce your overall costs and can help minimize disruption to services and operations.