Ground Penetrating Radar

Fast & versatile detection of underground assets

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) uses electromagnetic wave propagation to image and identify changes in electrical and magnetic properties in the ground. GPR systems are used to locate underground utility lines, reinforcing and post tensioning in concrete, monitor airplane runways for structural integrity, conducting groundwater studies, detect unexploded land mines as well as forensic research and surveying land for Construction Purposes.

Using GPR, Locate & Map will quickly and accurately provide imaging of the subsurface for your residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Ground Penetrating Radar has many applications including;

  • Detection of underground services including; Fibre optic cables, High pressure oil & gas pipes, Water and sewage pipes, Gas piping, Electrical and telephone cabling, High Voltage cabling
  • Location of underground structures such as storage tanks, concrete slabs,
  • Identification of soil composition to predict scale of work required to trench or excavate