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Working closely with our clients to customize their exact needs has always been very rewarding for us. Let us take control of the work required and we will provide you with quality, support, safety and efficiency.


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We offer you with a wide range of services. All our services are presented here.

Map and protect all underground assets on your site

Avoid hazards and accidents by locating underground pipes and cables on your construction sites.

We specialise in Utility surveys, Topographical surveys and construction grade survey control.

Ideal for the removal of soil around underground utilities, eliminating the risk of damage to existing underground utilities 

Use one of our range of high pressure cleaning solutions equipped with vacuum, for the removal for material from drainage systems.

Prevent hazards on-site and protect underground infrastructure using the latest GPR technology


We ensure best output with unparalleled accuracy

Let us take control of your site’s construction needs. With the best technicians on hand, Underground Industries are the leaders in the detection and mapping for construction work. With our experience we provide clear and precises understanding of the underground utilities to our clients preventing any significant damage to utilities and preventing workplace injuries. Let us work out the finer details required and deliver it to you in a timely, affordable and safe manner.

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